About Sucker Punch Ltd.

Sucker Punch Ltd. was started with a simple idea.  The owner, Bill, had created several handmade air cleaners for his HD Sportster, and people seemed to like them, so he began hand making them to sell.  Several years later, lasers were introduced to help speed up the process and several new business lines were created.

Today, Bill & his wife Ralene run Sucker Punch Ltd. full time out of their RV, having spent time traveling, seeing much of the USA and meeting many new friends and family.  Currently they are based out of Central Florida and love the location they chose to stay at.

They enjoy creating, crafting, and working with different materials to create quality products that have great value.  While the original products that launched the company are no longer being made, the same attention, care and expertise are put into everything we ship out.

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