About Us

Creating With Passion, Purpose & Clarity

Having spent over 25 years in corporate work, our founder Bill knew there was more to life than a cubicle. He also knew he needed to find a way to use and explore his creative energy, and thus Sucker Punch Ltd was born. Initially only offering motorcycle oriented parts and accessories, the shop now produces a variety of wood, plastic and metal parts. Some parts are handmade, some laser cut/etched/engraved and others CNC machined. All explore creative energy and processes that are fueled by passion, purpose and with clarity.

Why We Do This

We know there is a need for custom and personalized items, and we love creating using wood, acrylic, metal and more.  Combining passions for artistic and creative release with love for different materials, we find joy in crafting and creating.  Taking it into our other passions, such as motorcycles and music, we get the full creative process explored to share with you, our passions, our purpose and to do so with clarity.